BI.ME.KAT S.A. constructs:
• Metal Constructions
• Construction of metal buildings
• Prefabricated houses
• Refugee Accomodation Houses
• Sport and Urban equipment
• Agricultural machinery


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Our services to the clients include:

• Issue of building formalities, permits, agreements

• Construction of projects

Works on

– Foundation of the building structure

– Reinforced concrete

– Metal structure

– Side walls of buildings

– Roof installation

– Construction and installation of doors , windows, e.t.c.

– Construction of industrial burnish flooring

– Electrical and mechanical installations


Photos of metallic buildings (click here)

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The construction of the prefabricated house can be either mobile house or not, that means that it can be disassembled and transferred in a new location. The stage of the design and construction includes:

  • – The necassary formalities , agreements e.c.t.

  • – Foundation of the building

  • – Metal structure

  • – Extevior and intevior elements

  • – Roof

    – Kitchen equipment with all necessary equipment

  • – Toilet space with all necessary equipment

  • The prefabricated house is deliversd ready

Photos of prefabricated houses (click here)

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  • BI.ME.KAT takes on:

    • The issue of a building permit

    • The construction of the foundation

    • The construction of the house according to the client’s desires

    • The delivery of the house with own transports

    • The installation and connection to power, water and sewerage networks on site.


Photos of transportable houses (click here)

Photos of refugee hotspots (click here)

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BI.ME.KAT S.A. reconstructs and repairs used farm equipment and agricultural machinery such as:

Platforms – Watering spools – Cultivators – Plows – Furrow cultivators – Disc harrows – riversible ploughs



Photos of agricultural machinery (click here)

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  • BI.ME.KAT S.A. cover special needs for surrounding areas, urban equipments, leisure time structures, sport equipment such as:

    • Metal walkways bridges

    • Stadium stands

    • Staircases

    • Observatories

    • Parking

  • Photos of Sports and Urban equipment (click here)